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Many of the adults I look after have limb problems after severe injury, or have had surgery elsewhere that has not gone well and needs specialist care to sort out and get them back to good function.

Others have problems during adulthood as a result of problems in childhood that they were either born with, or developed as they grew.

With specialist expertise in limb reconstruction and close networks with joint replacement surgeons I can explore a wide range of treatments with patients of all ages.


Conditions I treat:


Limb mal-alignment

Limb Length Difference

Trauma and post- traumatic problems

Joint mal-orientation

Bone Infection

Height problems

Vascular Malformation


Some patients are looking for a surgeon who is a specialist in a particular method of treatment. I have experience with the full range of orthopaedic reconstructive techniques. Whether you can get the best outcome from a simple plaster, a circular frame or the latest in internal lengthening devices, I will discuss all the options with you from an experienced perspective. 


Intra-medullary lengthening e.g. Precice and Fitbone

Bone Shortening

Circular Fixators (Frames) 

Intra-medullary (Trauma-type) Nails

Plates and Screws


Braces and Splints

This list is indicative of the kind of cases I look after. It is not an exhaustive list. If you have questions whether we are the right team to help you please get in contact for free advice.

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