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The children I look after typically have complex limb problems usually either from birth or as they grow. Children also injure themselves (a lot!) and the type of injuries they can get are different to typical adult injuries.

An in-depth knowledge of children’s growth, bony development, the impact on the future and knowledge of the widest range of techniques available is essential in making sure your child gets the best care for the long run.


Conditions I treat:

Limb mal-alignment

Limb Length Difference

Trauma and post- traumatic problems

Bone Infection inc Meningococcal infection

Joint Infection

Congenital Dysplasias (Tibial, Fibular, Femoral, Radial, Ulnar)

Blount's Disease

Vascular Malformations


Osteogensis Imperfecta

Multiple Exostoses

Slipped Epiphysis

Perthes Disease

Hip Dysplasia (DDH)

Clubfoot (CTEV)


This list is indicative of the kind of cases I look after. It is not an exhaustive list. If you have questions whether we are the right team to help your child please get in contact for free advice.

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