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How can I get referred?


Self- pay patients can self-refer on +44 (0) 203 488 2716 or by emailing or completing the form here.

Embassy patients will need to be sent via the embassy concerned with a Letter of Guarantee.

Insurance patients will need to check with their insurance provider about whether a letter of referral is required and how to obtain one, usually from your general practitioner.


What will happen at my first appointment?


Mr. Jabbar will take a history and examine you or your child as relevant. You may need x-rays or further imaging such as CT or MRI scans, which will be arranged at this appointment. Usually x-rays can be performed at the same appointment.

These are charged separately by the hospital or clinic where you are being seen. Please confirm approval for these before arrival if you are not paying for the appointment.

If you are having a second opinion Mr. Jabbar will start with an independent history and examination and then review any previous correspondence and imaging that you have provided. This should be sent in electronic format in advance.


How long will the consultation be?


Standard new patient consultations are for up to 30 minutes. If your case is very simple this may be shorter. In highly complex cases we try and identify these around the time of booking and arrange a longer appointment where necessary.

Follow- Up appointments are usually for 20 minutes, but can vary depending on the type of follow up. If your follow up care is highly complex, or involves frame adjustments these will need longer appointments.

We encourage patients not to concern themselves overly with appointment lengths. It takes however long it takes to make sure you are clear about the problems you are facing and how we will move forward.


How much is a consultation?


Self- Pay and Embassy patients:


New consult              £350

Follow Up                  £290


Insurance patients are often but not always covered by the insurance company. Each insurance provider has a separate agreement with Mr. Jabbar for the rate cap and you should check this with your insurance provider.


What if I am late?


Please note that if you arrive more than 15 minutes after your appointment time you will either be asked to wait until a reasonable gap appears in the clinic, or you will be asked to re-book for another time so that you and Mr. Jabbar can have enough time to discuss your care needs carefully and thoroughly.


What if I need surgery?


The decision and rationale will be discussed with you at the appointment.

You will be given the name of the procedure and after the appointment Mr. Jabbar’s office will liaise with you regarding procedure names, codes, dates and times as well as a cost estimate for Mr. Jabbar’s care. Where possible we will also provide aid in getting cost estimates from the relevant hospital.

We will start the consent process in clinic by discussing the operation, the aims and the risks along with the expected post-operative course. This will be confirmed with you on the day of operation and you will be asked to sign the consent form.


Day Case versus In-Patient?


Day Case procedures mean you will come in and go home on the same day of the operation as long as you feel well enough. This decision will usually be taken with you in clinic. Mr. Jabbar tends to err on the side of caution if you are hesitant and asks the hospital to provide you an in-patient bed meaning you can always go home if you feel well or stay overnight if you have concerns.

Most significant limb reconstruction operations will necessitate you staying in hospital for between 3 and 4 nights.


Who does the operation?


Mr. Yaser Jabbar performs all private operations. In complex cases he occasionally takes assistance from a second surgeon or operates with a consultant colleague in combined cases. This will be clarified before the day of surgery and any cost implications made clear.


What happens after the operation?


Mr. Jabbar will check up on you to make sure you are comfortable and understand what has occurred. If you go home the same day usually you will be followed up in clinic by Mr. Jabbar.

If you are in for a few days Mr. Jabbar will see you regularly to ensure you are making good progress. You may be discharged on your date of discharge by a nurse looking after you if Mr. Jabbar is satisfied that you are well enough to go home. You will be followed up in clinic by Mr. Jabbar.

For some patients needing regular pin site care for frames you may be seen by specialist nurses independently of Mr. Jabbar. You will always be seen by a specialist member of the team that Mr. Jabbar has confidence in allowing to continue your care.  

Most patients have dissolving stitches so the need the need for suture removal is very rare.


What if things go wrong?


Complications are rare but can happen. If you are in hospital inform the nurse looking after you and Mr. Jabbar will be contacted to make a decision and discuss the next steps with you if any.

If you are at home and it is in-hours then contact Mr. Jabbar’s office on the details you were given at the time of booking your procedure.

Out of hours we recommend you contact the ward you were discharged from for initial advice. If you cannot contact them or feel any further concern we ask you to attend your local A&E department for urgent attention.

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