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Yaser takes an active part in regular relief work. Having started out as a medical student he visited refugee camps on the Afghanistan- Pakistan Border and spent time assisting surgical teams in a district hospital in his native North West Frontier Province in Pakistan. 

From these experiences and an ongoing interest in care for patients in the wider world, his dedication to limb reconstruction and excellence was always summed up as "World class care is a state of mind". 

Since then Yaser has been involved in surgical relief work at the Turkey- Syrian border during the Syrian civil war in 2017. Here he treated children and adults with complex limb injuries as a result of the war who had been displaced in conflict or who escaped across the strict border risking their lives to gain access to medical care. He also took care of and educated local teams in care of congenital anomalies that otherwise get very poor treatment in these circumstances. 



Yaser then went on to Can Tho, Vietnam with the MEET charity in 2017 where he worked with international colleagues in education for orthopaedic conditions particularly focussing on the highly unusual and complex anomalies seen in that area  as a result of the use of "Agent Orange" as a chemical agent during the Vietnam war. This was extended by offering advice and augmenting a startlingly innovative and forward- thinking rehabilitation service. 



His most recent mission trip was with Medical Aid for Palestine (MAP) where he went to the Gaza Strip to help local teams in education and ongoing care in treatment of complex paediatric and adult limb reconstruction mainly as a result fo the ongoing conflict in the region. This was a hugely eye opening experience in many surprising ways and has resulted in Yaser's ongoing support for medical education in the region and worldwide by supporting a UK based telemedicine teaching programme and renewing his involvement in other Austere Environment education and training programmes. 



Yaser is also involved in developing a GDPR compliant communications platform that will be available across platforms, but easy to use, so that we can bring first world levels of security, governance and human dignity to the information collection and transfer for patients in less privileged and disaster environments. 

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